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Residents urged to evacuate as bushfires burn across South Australia

Residents urged to evacuate as 더킹카지노bushfires burn across South Australia

The Australian Greens say there’s «no excuse» for bushfires continuing to burn in NSW.

Queensland Greens MP Adam Bandt has asked the Australian Energy Market Operator to ban coal power stations from supplying power to people if they are at risk of bushfires in the state.

«We should be encouraging people to leave the area and for our community leaders to have the courage to take action,» Mr Bandt told ABC radio.

«Our communities are already affected by the bushfire season at the moment and it’s already set to continue.

«You have two major fires burning in NSW and they’re threatening to devastate the entire state and we need to act now.»

More than 200,000 firefighters, more than 200 helicopters and the state’s national emergency command centre have responded to the fires, but have failed to stop them.

The National Emergency Response Centre said around 100,000 households faced an emergency situation at midday (AEST) on Monday.

«In response to the bushfire conditions, the ACT Emergency Management Agency has been instructed by the ACT Government to take up to 400jarvees.com more peo더킹카지노ple as mandatory evacuees to the Canberra airport to fly to South Australia,» the ACT Emergency Management Agency said.

More than 150 people are confirmed dead in the state, with at least 200,000 people potentially living in the bush.

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption The BBC’s Alan Johnston in Canberra: «What we can tell by looking at the weather that this will be quite destructive and this is not only a threat to Canberra but other areas, we also know that we’re dealing with bushfires in the south and I guess in this bushfire season that is going to be quite an overwhelming force.»

Residents with an Emergency Planning Statement should call the Australian Emergency Operations Centre on 0404 626 886 or on Lifeline on 13 11 14.

‘We’ve seen a lot of incredible courage and bravery’

About 500 firefighters, many of them emergency medical technicians, were deployed to South Australia after the fires blew out of control at about 6pm.

As of 4:00am (AEST), some 200,000 people had been sent to emergency shelters after the blazes.

There are still many bushfires raging across the state. The Red Cross says it’s sending more than 1,700 emergency workers to the state, with more than 100 more on their way.

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